Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

It's writing time!

There's a brand-new chill in the air, my sweet little maple tree is losing its leaves, and you can't find a free elliptical at the university gym. All this means only one thing: summer will soon come to an end!

And it means another thing, too. After a luxurious summer of posting only once a week, I'll be back to regularly scheduled posts starting next week. Here's the schedule:

Monday: Writing Spaces - the desks and comfy chairs and enviable offices of your favorite writers
Wednesday: thoughts/reflections on YA - I'm looking for guest writers! If you have a 600-words-or-less post on YA publishing or writing, please get in touch.
Thursday: Quick Reviews - I'll be bringing you the same short reviews that have the blog running this summer
Friday: YA Wrap Up - a weekly list of the best YA/publishing blogs, and some fun links to get you through the weekend

Check back next Monday for the first writing space of the fall!

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