Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Costumes for Book Lovers

The Hipster's Book Halloween costume: a t-shirt that says
"I'm a character from an obscure old novel you've never read"

It's the second annual Literary Halloween Costumes round-up! Last year, I featured some favorites, like "Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird Dressed Up As HAM" and, of course, "Sexy Scrabble Board," and I'm back this year with more spooky, silly, and strange costumes for book lovers (clicking on the photo will bring you to the source).

It's the Queen of Creepy herself, Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood.
Old fashioned, blood-spattered white dress? Check
Freaky bloody face paint? Check
And you're good to go!
(you can actually buy that amazing face paint as a kit--click on the link for more!)

Maybe a little literal, but so so pretty:
A Clockwork Angel!

There's something creepy about these guys.
Is it the giant yellow suit?
The absurdly long hat?
George's suspicious white sneakers?
I can't put my finger on it...

And speaking of adults dressed up as beloved children's characters:
I don't want any part of this guy's wild rumpus

That's better!
Baby Max (minus the crown but still pretty darn adorable)
This one even comes with instructions on how to make your own Max costume!

Fifty Shades of Grey, OBVS
(anyone else confused by that t-shirt?)

Oh man.
Somehow the awesomeness of this costume feels a little undercut
by the fact that Khal Drogo has to hold his own iPhone to take it.
The Dothraki have no word for "Cheeeese!"

Aaawww, a mother-daughter costume!
Because nothing says love like an adulteress and her creepy manifestation of sin baby!

My fave.
Can you tell I've been on a bit of a Moby Dick kick lately?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Awesome costumes with hilarious captions! I only wish I had a Halloween party to go to so I could come up with something equally awesome to wear. :)