Monday, October 17, 2011

Writing Spaces Monday: Autumn Leaves

The days are getting chillier in Chicago and the leaves are turning every shade of beautiful color.* I am lucky enough to have a lovely view of a maple tree outside my window, but the folks who work in this stunning office get to watch a whole forest change around them:

I've always wished I could write out in the middle of nowhere in some rustic cabin, but I love the idea of modern, bungalow-style office surrounded by trees (can you imagine the pretty during winter?).

Designed for Selgas Cano Architects by Iwan Baan, even the inside is a stunner: sleek, bare-bones, modernistic white on the left and a punch of bright color on the right.

For more photos and info, check out Iwan Baan's website.

Have a desk or writing space you like? Send me a picture!

*hahaha just kidding. They are actually turning brown, shriveling up, and then immediately falling into the street. Yay city living!

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