Wednesday, December 7, 2011

15 Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

I get it. Writers can be finicky folk to buy gifts for. Notebook? "I write on a laptop." Pens? "Sure, but I only use Pilot EasyTouch in Blue Medium."* Books? "Get me something I haven't already read. Seriously. Try to do it." Kindle Fire? No wait, whom do you love enough to buy them a freakin' Kindle Fire?

To (maybe) make it easier on you, here are 15 gift ideas for the writer/reader/editor/publisher in your life (I promise, no pens):

$400 from The Abandoned Attic
Hello, gorgeous. This amazing artist takes beautifully-illustrated books,
(in this case, The Land of Oz) and transforms it into a three-dimensional sculpture.
This artist also takes commissions for favorite books (she also has a way-cool "A Christmas Carol")

$25.50 from Freshly Fig
 Book lockets are so simple and beautiful,
but the kinds currently sold at places like Modcloth and Forever21 can look a bit cheap.
This vintage one, with a linen-textured cover, has just enough grit to give it some well-loved character.

$32 from Sleek Identity
 This "wall bookmark" made me laugh.
I love the idea of putting these all over the house,
or even making a little art installation in one corner.

$80 from Suck UK
 A different sort of bookmark, which doubles as a lamp
(which you can turn into a little house!)
The lovely diffused light is reason enough to stick this beauty on your nightstand

$39 from Levenger
 My mother-in-law has one of these, and I always thought it was the coolest thing
It's incredibly sturdy, heavy-duty, great for transporting books, toys, equipment--whatever!
And a portion of the profits goes to the (beautiful, enchanting, wonderful) Boston Public Library

$325 from PeachyChicBoutique
 It has been one of my dreams to own a vintage card catalog
(and you'd think you'd be able to pick those up cheap).
I once saw one that had been transformed into a spice chest,
with one of the little drawers full of recipe cards.

$50-70 from uncommon goods
 If you love books but have crossed over to the e-reader side,
consider one of these gorgeous iPad and Kindle cases, made from vintage book covers
(shown here: Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales)

on sale for $94.95 from Amazon
 A great pair of headphones makes a great gift for a writer, especially those who write with music.
I have the Sony MDR-7506 headphones, which are so wonderful that the husband steals them on a regular basis. They are just really good quality, block out a lot of sound, and give the music more depth than those little white earbuds could even dream of.**

$35 from Out of Print
 This Moby Dick iPhone case caught my eye for the adorable little white whale,
but really anything from Out of Print is drool-worthy for writers/readers,
including their inventive t-shirts, coasters, and tote bags, all based off vintage book covers.

$14.99 from FixerUp
 Making new technology look like old technology = so big!
I have a pun-afficiando's love for inventive laptop decals,
and this one made me laugh.
For when you want to be old school, without all the mess of typewriter ribbons and actual keys.

$82 from TheFancyLamb
Or, just go ahead and make the commitment and get yourself a real, vintage typewriter.
I have one (a Hermes), and it gives me no end of design-pleasure,
plus it makes for beautiful type for letters or invitations.

$12-$90 from CB I Hate Perfume
 How amazing is this?
A perfumer who hates perfume managed to bottle the warm, woodsy scent of his favorite
first-edition, 1927 novel. I have no idea if there are people who would like to actually smell like books,
but I can imagine one of these bottles sitting on my desk and taking a nice, relaxing whiff now and then.

$11.99 from Amazon
 After years of missed ideas, I now know never to go anywhere without a little notebook.
These Picopads, which fit in your wallet and come complete with an itty-bitty pen,
are perfect for those times when you can't carry a full notebook with you

$20 from The Love Shop
I'm not usually one for inspirational posters, but this one struck me as a great sentiment for writers,
or anyone, really, who has to face incredible odds to do what they love.

$300 from Crazy Ray's House of Body Parts
The last gift I have to offer is a little cheesy, but probably the best: support.
That can mean anything, from offering to read a work-in-progress to keeping an ear open.
Support from friends and family is like a super-charged engine that keeps writers going,
and so the best thing you can get your little writer this year is a hug
(or the other 14 things I put on this list)***

Happy Holidays, to you and your favorite writers!

*I'm a straight-up Bic Round Stick M in black ink kind of girl, although I'm thinking of making a switch to Papermate Write Bros. Grip. I know, you guys! It's a big decision! I used to think I was the only person who cared so deeply about pens, then I talked with my old co-worker, who told me how he jealously guards his uni-ball Vision rollerball pens in blue. Then I went on vacation and he lost my favorite pen. He was so sorry! When I got married, he gave me a packet of uni-ball pens from his "private stash." The gesture was not lost on me. Also: I just wrote a whole paragraph about pens!

**How do I know these are so wonderful, the best out there? Because I used to work in broadcast journalism, and these were the only things anyone used. Versatile, comfortable, I wore these puppies for 8 hours a day and never complained. Confession: when I left my job, I may have taken my battered, beloved headphones with me...

***Did I just throw in "support" as the 15th gift because I ran out of ideas and I'm hungry and want to eat lunch? It's a Christmas mystery!

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