Monday, December 12, 2011

Writing Spaces Monday: Gettin' Cozy

It's my last few days here in my apartment in Chicago before the husband and I head out East for a graduation, a Christmas party, and a new niece/nephew, and we're busy getting things ready for our two-week absence*. Today I'm off to bake cookies/pizzas for an impromptu Love, Actually party (oh the joys of self-employment) while the husband works from home for once, and things here are feeling very cozy, which inspired today's writing space.

Now, to be honest, what I really wanted to post a picture of was the husband's home office, where he may or may not be sitting wearing what we call his Santa Claus long undies, a Snuggie, and my awesome headphones. And yet, I love him, and so, for the sake of marital stability, I decided to look instead for warm and cozy offices inspired by log cabins:

from Jared Chandler
So much pine! And the foundation is made from real river rocks
(I can imagine sitting at the desk and giving yourself a little foot massage).

via Scarlett Poole
 Love that huge armchair in the back
(in general, design stylists should just be in charge of everyone's home. period.)

from Thomas Mayer Architects

This one is actually designed to sit in a backyard garden (it's on wheels).
The construction is just so, so gorgeous, with all the wood log ends forming one whole wall.
Check out the link for more photos.

The inside of the garden cabin.
Beautiful blue, beautiful sunlight.

*Any gardeners out there with tips/tricks on how to keep a Peace Lily and Rosemary tree alive for two weeks?


  1. I am very jealous of the writing spaces! I find myself sitting uncomfortably on my bed, on the couch at the kitchen table...nothing like the cozy, appropriate writing spaces you have featured. Maybe someday I will have my own little work space. Love the post! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting! Your comment got me thinking a lot about writing spaces in general... Check back tomorrow for a post!