Monday, December 10, 2012

Writing Spaces: It's a Mess

Today's desk, which belongs to none other than Albert Einstein, has nothing to do with the calendar or Einstein Day or physics. I was looking for a desk that best encapsulates my life right now, and Einstein's paper-ladden monstrosity just seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Like a lot of folks, I'm in the pre-holidays, pre-New Year busy period. There's a lot to do here in Chicago before we head east in a few days. Cybils reading has kicked into high gear, as we all scramble to get our favorites in (and read everyone else's favorites). My mural-a-day project has been going wonderfully (my Community mural got a shout out from Dan Harmon and Britta-bot herself, Gillian Jacobs!), but I'm starting to see chalkboards in my sleep. I still have writing work to do, as I get into researching my next project--I'm planning to travel for this one, which means travel agendas and booking flights. And I still have to eat and sleep and stay healthy. It's a lot!

So I know at times the blog can seem a bit neglected, but I'm looking forward to the New Year, when, hopefully, a lot of what's keeping me busy will be done with, and I'll be able to come home and find my desk less like Albert Einstein's and more like this (aaaah).

Until then, bear with me, and I hope your December proves a little more manageable!

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