Friday, May 10, 2013

Wrap Up: Three Green Tomatoes...

...and one little red tomato. Anybody know what makes tomatoes turn red? And why the big one isn't red yet? In any case, I'm hoping this means I get to try one soon!

This week in YA!:

Maureen Johnson set the publishing world buzzing with her thought-provoking call to gender-swap the covers of popular books. Here are some of the (amazing) results.

Where should you begin your blog? Your novel? Your nonfiction book?

Will your publisher let you self-publish?

The dos and don'ts of dialect

Readers block: almost as bad as writers block

I'm not planning on getting a tattoo, but if I were, one of these would be pretty nice

Looking for some great audiobooks this summer? Sync has you covered

Enjoy the weekend and go hug your mothers!

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