Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Blog Wrap Up: Fall Leaves Edition

Happy Friday, folks! The tree outside my window is sadly devoid of leaves (meaning I no longer feel like I live in a tree house and that I have to actually lower my blinds if I want to dance like a crazy person/lounge around in my bathrobe), but here's a little photo I took while the leaves were still turning and the sky a beautiful, bright blue.

Without further ado, here were some of my favorite posts of the week:

The week started out with the National Book Awards ceremony! Here's a full list of the winners from Galleycat, along with free samples from the winning works

Over at Flavorwire, there's a gallery of famous literary characters along with their real-life inspirations (sidenote to Moby Dick: the white whale was also inspired by the sperm whale that attacked the Essex in 1820, chillingly recounted in Nathaniel Philbrick's In the Heart of the Sea)

Rachelle Gardner has a nice reminder about what not to blog about (hint: nothing that will get you fired, dropped by your agent, or that would disappoint your mom)
She also answers a question on the minds of very old or very young writers: does age matter?

Suzie Townsend, at Confessions of a Wandering Heart, takes a break from her query contest to announce: titles matter

Not a blog post, but still interesting: after Nashville lost its best and most beloved bookstores, the amazing Ann Patchett is opening her own, purely for the love of books

I loved this one! For those who like to write about explosives, a forensics expert lays out the differences between types of bombs, as well as the destruction they cause

Nathan Bransford, commenting on the rise of self-publishing and e-publishing, asks his readers, will you bypass traditional publishing?

Meghan Ward at Writerland put out an epic post about author advances, broken down by genre, publishing house, single vs multiple, and more

Casey McCormick at Literary Rambles has an interesting interview with Brandy Rivers, a book-to-TV/film agent who discusses why some books get optioned for TV or movies, and what comes next

And that's it! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the fall while it lasts!

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