Monday, November 14, 2011

Writing Spaces Monday: Hunger Games Edition

That squee heard 'round the world today was the result of the epic, breathtaking, heart-pounding new trailer for The Hunger Games movie! I almost didn't want to watch it, so great is my love for this book, but it delivered.

There is something so incredibly magical about seeing this world and these characters come to life, and, if anything, it gives me an even greater appreciation for how Suzanne Collins created such a memorable world.

In honor of trailer, I went out and found the Hunger-Gamesiest writing space that I could find:

Images via Roddylife
Located just east of Seattle, Treehouse Point is a unique park where people can rent and stay in one of their many beautiful treehouses. This one, called the Hermitage, has its own tiny desk and a 360-degree view of the neighboring creek.

How magical would it be to wake up, look out your window, and see this? I can imagine all sorts of writing inspiration coming just from that view (unless your book is set on the desert wasteland of a sun-scorched planet, in which case you're better off here).

What did you think about the trailer?


  1. I was so excited to see that the official trailer is out. I watched it and then immediately texted all of my Hunger Games friends that it was out. :D