Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Writing Spaces: An Early Peanuts Birthday

I like that the two posters so beautifully capture both sides of the Charlie Brown coin

Welcome to another week, folks!

This Saturday will be Peanuts creator Charles Schultz's birthday, and in honor of Sparkie, I thought I'd share this Peanuts-themed office I stumbled upon.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep notes about where this energetic little tangerine beauty came from. The only thing that I (vaguely) remember is that it's a European design company (possibly Spanish?), and they had several candy-colored bedroom/desk sets. This was my favorite (aside from the Peanuts decor) because it is roughly the same size and shape of the spare bedroom that we turned into the husband's office, and this was supposed to inspire us to make something as cute (we didn't!).

Generally I'm not a big fan of matchy-matchy, but I love the energy and bounciness of this little office, along with how nicely the furniture frames the room. Also, if you're going to use anything as a design jumping-off point, you could do worse than Charlie Brown's baseball mitt.

And here's a shot of the man himself, hard at work, in his own work space:

My parents have that same wallpaper in their foyer.

In other news, I'm sure most of you are planning your week around crazy travel schedules and overeating. Us too! Tomorrow morning we leave for a two-plane, 14-hour journey to the East Coast (I don't know how early we're leaving in the morning because the husband hasn't told me, perhaps because if I knew, I would stage a revolt, buy a turkey, and stay in Chicago).*

I'm excited to see my brand-new in-laws and pass out after eating my mom-in-law's cooking, so it's debatable how much posting there'll be this week. If I go radio silent for the next few days, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great rest of the week!

*Because this is not, technically, a travel blog or a personal blog or a ranty blog, I won't go into detail about WHY a plane trip from Chicago to the East Coast is taking 14 hours (assuming no delays, which, oh god, please, no...). Suffice it to say, it involves a budget airline that may or may not be going out of business and several unhelpful customer service people.

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