Friday, February 10, 2012

Wrap Up: Ballet Shoes Edition

This is a picture of my foot.* I’m trying to relearn ballet after a 4-year hiatus, and so a lot of the time when I’m working at my standing desk, I’ll have my ballet slippers on and practice my turnout and balance. It's just another reason why I'm glad I write at home, alone, with no one to see me...

Aaaanyway, here are this week's posts:

Former wonderbar agent, now Jacob Wonderbar writer Nathan Bransford returned to blogging this week after a loooong hiatus. He had a couple great posts, including how to get back to writing after a looooong hiatus, a guest post by author Matthew Pearl on expanding the world of your story, and an interesting discussion on whether writers should review the work of other writers (this is something I've been thinking about, too. You can check out my thoughts in "On Reviews")

Author Elizabeth Fama talks about how the pressure for authors to use social media to reach out to their audience can make her feel like a "twitter hussy"

Agent Jenny Bent posted a back-and-forth she had with author Mike Wells about publishing taste vs reader taste and whether agents need to "fall in love" with a book to represent it

On YAHighway, the dreaded "Should I start over my WIP?" moment, and how it can be a good thing

Agent Rachelle Gardner discussed her role as a champion of worthwhile books--what that means and how it can be difficult. She also hosted a guest post by author Rosslyn Elliott on why your characters need flaws

BookEnds Lit Agency has updated their fabulous publishing dictionary with even more entries all writers should know

Agent Jessica at Dystel & Goderich talks cover design and shares some links to comparisons between UK and US covers

Over at YA Confidential, they're hosting an "Ask a Teen" forum, where you can leave a question for their teen bloggers about their reading tastes or habits. The teens will post their answers this Tuesday, so there's still some time to get your question in!

*No I am not balancing en pointe in my toe in slippers. That would be painful. This pose is staged, staaaaaged!!!!


  1. Came across some really great things this week. I also found YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday to be very encouraging this week.

    And can I just say, I'm totally envious of your ballet ability. I so wish my parents had put me in ballet as a child. That or highland dancing (because I love all things Scottish). Alas, I lack any kind of dancing ability.

  2. The funny thing is I used to *hate* ballet as a child. I had classes Saturday mornings, which meant I never got to watch cartoons, and every year I would beg them not to sign me up. But now? Adore it, can't get enough!