Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Gifts for Writers

I am a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Growing up, it was usually marked by my mom getting me something luridly pink and girly, like a full manicure set or a pink T-shirt studded with rhinestone hearts. I’m not a super girly person, but I always loved these little presents for their over-the-top-ness and wore my Pepto Bismo atrocities with pride.

With that in mind, and because several folks told me they liked my holiday gift guide, I’m back here with 15 Valentine’s Day presents for the writer in your life.

$40 from JezebelCharms on etsy
This lovely brass cuff depicts a page from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights,
along with a quote by Catherine Earnshaw:
"Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same."

$10.99 list price from Snuggie on Amazon
 Laugh if you will, I still say nothing says "I love you" better than a Snuggie.
This pink number, perfect for Valentine's Day, will keep your little writer toasty and warm.
I have two: one that I keep on my bed, for reading (the other I may be wearing as I type...)

$10 from AproposRoasters on etsy
 Mmmm tea...
There is nothing lovelier than curling up with a cup of warm tea and a good book.
These beautiful little packets come in a variety of flavors
(and check out their etsy store for coffee and hot cocoa selections)

$5.50 from crabappledesign on etsy
 Old library cards get transformed into chic Valentine's Day messages,
with plenty of room to leave a message of your own for your book-lover.

$12.95 from Enjou Chocolat
 Chocalate + books = best idea ever

$16 from Palimpsestect on etsy
 I thought these were great!
"Unblockers" featuring words from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Whenever you need a little bit of inspiration, toss these wooden blocks and see what comes up

$8 from Urban Outfitters
 When I was in elementary school I loved the "secret letters" we'd write using lemon juice or wax.
These have a 21st century improvement, with a hidden UV light to reveal its message
Give one to your Valentine, keep one for yourself, and pass along some secret love notes

$11 from paperpastries on etsy
These were so pretty and simple, I just couldn't resist.
Old school but with a bright, graphic charm, why stick with boring yellow when you can have these?

$11.77 from BDWE on Alibris
 Of course, giving a book can be the ultimate romantic gesture
(don't believe me? check out this tumblr).
I'm partial to Pablo Neruda's poems of love, but with any book, I suggest going the vintage route.
Something so nice about holding a well-worn, much-loved book in your hands.

$240 from Anthropologie
 How lovely is this?
Sheets patterned with real love letters found in an antique store in Brooklyn.
Soft, pretty, and romantic

 Instead of buying something, consider writing letters to your Valentine
as part of the Month of Letters Project.
Calligrapher Margaret Shepherd is posting 14 calligraphy tutorials, leading up to Valentine's Day,
so pick up some new tricks and create something beautiful

$50 from JustaFewPrints
 I've posted this before but it's so great it bears repeating.
Love love love this print of books by Paul Octavious.
Perfect for libraries or offices.

Free from NPR
 Never has a Valentine so truly spoken to me...
NPR is offering a selection of radio-nerd Valentines on their website.
Just visit, download, and print to make all your public radio dreams come true!

$10 from Rifle Paper Co
 Of course, you can't beat a good ole fashioned card.
I'm partial to this design from Rifle Paper (check out their Anatomy of Love card, too)

$69 from Urban Outfitters
 Hello, lovely.
This bright red backpack from Herschel Supply Co. is perfect for hauling around favorite books and your trusty laptop, and the beautiful color makes it a charming and cheering Valentine's gift.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Awesome ideas, oh Snuggie wearer :-) I spent the other day on Etsy looking at awesome literary gifts (Why do I do that to myself? What a vortex.). There were some wonderful things on there like the cuff at the top of this list. I think getting something literary for Valentine's Day would definitely tell you that your special someone 'gets you' :-)

  2. I adore etsy (hence the multiple mentions) and probably could have made a purely etsy list (don't even get me started on my etsy-fied wedding...).