Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Post Throwback: Writer Paper Doll

Phew! Today is another absurdly busy day, and I'm having some trouble thinking about what to post. In lieu of actual thoughts, here's a funny thing I drew last year (PS I may or may not be wearing my giant fuzzy robe right at this moment...).


Sometimes, when I clearly have too much to do, I like to "waste" "time" by drawing silly stuff. Today as I sat down to get some work done, I thought "I wonder what I would look like as a paper doll?" And thus, the day was wasted...
UPDATE: I dressed the writer doll in the outfits. Why? Because it's cuter? (and also because there was more day to waste...)

Let's start with your basic, everyday writer. Sports bra, American Apparel shorts--this is pretty much what I look like 90% of the time (minus the hair down, usually it's up in a bun, but I couldn't figure out how to draw it without it looking weird). But of course, you can't have a naked writer doll (because sometimes the doll needs to sign for UPS packages or see people not her husband). So, to clothing!

Here's the "typical writing from home" set: fuzzy bright blue bathrobe, sweatpants, cozy LL Bean slippers, basically the definition of comfortable. I considered swapping out the slippers for sneakers, which I wear when I want to stand up while working, but to be honest, even then I usually start out in slippers...

And what if the doll needs to actually go out of the house?
Writer doll goes to ballet! This outfit features footless tights, my favorite t-shirt, bright yellow sunnies, and my ballet slippers. Thank goodness for ballet, because it's pretty much the only social event I can count on every week. Other than ballet, there are only a few reasons why your writer doll would leave the apartment, including...

Grocery shopping! This set comes with bright red hoodie, converse sneakers, reusable shopping bag (it's green!), and iPod+headphones.

Okay, here's where things got tricky. I figured, only three outfits? That's not enough! But guys, I literally could not think of anything else that I wore regularly (and even the ballet outfit is a stretch). This made me think of a couple things: 1) I need to get out of the house more, 2) that black sports bra gets a lot of play...

But since every now and then I do actually, like, socialize (I saw Cabin in the Woods last weekend! Sooo good...), I included an extra bonus "going out" outfit:

Notice the gray skirt from ballet makes another appearance (I swear I have an actual closet full of clothing), with my favorite green striped sweater. And because this is "going out" wear, I switched out my Converses for fancy black knee-high boots.

And what writer doll would be complete without some fun accessories?! You can pretend to write down plot lines or get some research done on Wikipedia! Don't forget to pour your writer doll a cup of hot tea! And if your writer doll gets lonely, there's a little plant companion to talk to!

Have fun with your writer doll!

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