Friday, April 5, 2013

Wrap Up: Canyon Edition

One last pretty canyon picture!

This one is from the South Kaibab trail, about halfway down the canyon. The clouds made these amazing patterns over the canyons, which almost distracted from the five miles of constant uphill hiking.

It was a little disappointing to go from crisp air and 75 degrees to 35 degrees and somehow still humid? Sigh. Does Chicago have any canyons?

I'm still getting the blog up to speed (see the unchanged "What I'm Reading Now"--I'll get a new book up by the weekend, I promise), and it's a short list today!

Kristen Nelson discusses what agents can bring to indie writers

Rachelle Gardner talks about what you and your agent can do when your manuscripts aren't selling

He wasn't a YA writer, but Roger Ebert will go down as one of the greatest, most elegant, and smartest writers out there. Considering the majority of his essays are about the craft of storytelling, reading his reviews should be a prerequisite for a writer. Here are some excerpts from his best reviews, and here a list of his best worst movies.

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