Friday, April 19, 2013

Wrap Up: Little Green Shoots Edition

Ugh, what a week (thanks, Onion, for summarizing this all so perfectly once again). Here's hoping that things calm down soon (and that the sun shows its face in Chicago someday). I mentioned this yesterday, but I was cheered up a lot when I noticed our big, beautiful maple tree was finally showing some little green buds. In just a few days, hopefully my view will be a lot more cheerful than its been for the last few months.

All right, let's get to this week's links:

My agent-sister Erin Bowman is celebrating the release of her hotly-anticipated novel, Taken! She spoke with YA Highway about how she transitioned from a designer to a writer and her thoughts on Taken's cover (also, GO BUY THE BOOK!)

Thought-provoking post from Rachelle Gardner: What would you do if you weren't afraid? She also gives self-pubbed authors 6 reasons to want a traditional publisher.

Debut YA novelist Leah Konen has some great advice for aspiring YA writers

And finally, from Kristin Cashore, a lovely reminder from Mr. Rogers

Have a great, safe, sunny weekend, everyone!

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