Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing Spaces: Bookstore Love

Happy Monday, everyone! It is blustery and cold in Chicago today and looks like it is about to burst into rain any second (I wish...).

First up, some housekeeping: If you look over there --> you'll see that "What I'm Reading Now" still lists last week's Black Heart. That's because I'm anxiously waiting to pick up some books from the library and so am book-less. There is a very good chance that the next book I'll read will be Lauren Oliver's Delirium, but since it's on the longer side and most likely won't be available for pick-up for a few more days, there probably won't be a new Quick Review this week.

But! I do have something special planned, just in case, so remember to check back on Thursday!

And speaking of "something special," today's Writing Spaces is a little unusual but near and dear to my heart: bookstores.

Bookstores can be tricky places to work, especially since these days they are about as rare as unicorns, but ooh do I love them.

I love giant big-box bookstores (RIP Borders!) with shelves so high and long that they practically beg to be used for hide-and-seek, with the free wireless and comfy chairs that make them perfect on-the-road workspaces.

I love old, musty, used book stores--like this one, which is from my home town. We would go there on weekends, and I can still remember where all my favorites are: comics on the corner right by the door, humor along the back wall, kids books at the center aisle. I would grab a dozen, curl up on the cold concrete floor, and just read.

I love my college bookstore, and when the library got too busy or too quiet, I would head for the Coop, snag one of the balcony tables, and people-watch.

I love local, community-energizing bookstores like the one in my neighborhood, 57th Street Books, which holds author readings and book clubs and events for kids and is full of the nicest and most knowledgeable store clerks.

I love bookstores with histories and personalities, bookstores that are practically meccas for booklovers, like the wonderful, much-beloved Strand in New York and its 18 miles of books.

Don't get me wrong--libraries are fantastic, too (and will one day get their own Writing Spaces post, I'm sure), but when I want energy, when I want connection, I go to a bookstore. I very rarely buy new books (I am a library lover through and through), and so when I walk into a bookstore, it's usually because I've discovered a book that I love that I want to own forever. So bookstores to me mean permanence and passion, inspiration and excitement.

I'll leave you with the video that inspired this post, Where Books are Loved:

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