Monday, January 14, 2013

The Most Miserables Office I've Ever Seen

Happy Monday, everyone! Last Friday, I mentioned how over the moon excited the husband was to finally be going to see Les Mis (brief refresher: performed in the play, read the book, has seen the musical about a dozen times). Sadly, circumstances changed, and we weren't able to see it. He was so sad!

So, to cheer him up a little bit and remind him that we will see it soon, someday,* today's Writing Spaces features the man behind the Mis, Victor Hugo.

I love this office because, mauve wallpaper aside, he has a standing desk!!! As I type this, I'm currently leaning 60% of my weight against my own standing desk, and so I feel a special kinship with Hugo (Stars! They're just like us!).

Here's a drawing of him looking casual. Victor Hugo: rocking the standing desk since 1802.

*I tried to sneak some sort of cutesy Les Mis pun in there, but not being familiar with the musical, couldn't think of anything. Ed: Ugh, how did I miss "when tomorrow comes!"?


  1. You know, I think there might be something to this standing desk thing. Sitting at my desk writing for hours on end is murder on my knees. And now I'm sitting here trying to come up with some kind of witty Les Mis inspired comment and failing. :P

    1. I highly recommend it! I built my own standing desk by modifying plans from These were the plans I followed: I lengthened the legs, widened the top, and put shelving only on one side (here's my desk:

      Even though I sit more than I probably should, it's great having the option to stand. I always feel better after a day of standing than sitting!