Friday, January 25, 2013

Wrap Up: Rent-a-Dog Edition

She's pretty sure she's actually a lap dog
This week we finally got snow and sub-zero temperatures in Chicago, turning our apartment from "mostly cold" to "yeah, this is really seriously cold." Luckily, we were dog-sitting for the week, and so I had a warm pup to curl up and read with (and, um, nap with) during the day.

I've never owned a dog (although I was, for several years, a professional dog walker*), so it was fun to dip a toe into dog-ownership-waters, even though I suspect the husband was not as excited as I was (see above picture).

This week in blogging!

The Atlantic Wire put together a literary tour through historical YA, with stops from pre-history all the way up to the 80s

Listverse has a fun look at deleted chapters from famous books (although that Harry Potter one just sounds like bad fanfic)

Really fascinating article from Publishers Weekly with interviews of winners of the Caldecott and Newbery Awards on what happens after "the call"

The School Library Journal's Printz blog, Someday My Printz Will Come, has been speculating on potential winners all year and put together their top-five list

Anna and the French Kiss fans rejoice! Stephanie Perkins will release a deleted chapter from the book!

Over at her blog, agent Molly Jaffa is holding Open Question Day, so drop by if you have any questions about querying, writing, or publishing

One more thing

I hope you all have a great weekend! We're finally (finally!) not traveling this weekend and we're celebrating by attempting again to go see Les Mis. BUT I'm sort of more excited about this pan pizza recipe I found, which I'll be making before the movie (seriously. read the recipe and try not to salivate...). See you all Monday!

*Oh those cuh-razy college jobs. Other jobs that I've omitted from my resume: bartender, short-order cook, library book reshelver, dorm room cleaner, nanny, envelope stuffer, psychological test subject (not even kidding. Every time new research comes out of the Harvard Psychology Department, I'm like "Hey! I was in that experiment!" Skewing results since '04).

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