Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Completely Arbitrary, Completely Unnecessary YA Characters Bracket

There’s something going on with basketball now! I know this because when the husband watches sports while I am elsewhere in the apartment, the sounds I hear the most are the squeak-squeaks of sneakers on a court (versus the crashes of football, the soft thuds of baseball, and the maniacal swearing in foreign languages of soccer).

Every year he makes me fill out a bracket and every year I get knocked out in the first round and then he laughs at me. BUT NOT THIS TIME!

After yelling across the apartment at the husband, “What is the thing with the things and you pick them?” and getting his detailed instructions, I’ve made my own bracket, and it is YA based.

I split it up into four regions:* Fantasy/Paranormal, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, and Historical. And out of those regions, I picked eight of my favorite characters and lined ‘em up.

Okay. Take a deep breath. Here it is (click it to make it bigger!).
(because sometimes my handwriting is messy and because those little boxes are freaking tiny,
I've pasted the complete ordered list with full book titles below)

Are you still breathing? Have you recovered from the shock of not seeing your favorite character and/or my obviously arbitrary rankings?

I know, pretty arbitrary, right? HOW COULD I FORGET [insert character name here]?!? GEMMA DOYLE IS CLEARLY PARANORMAL AND NOT HISTORICAL!!! WAR HORSE IS AN EIGHTH SEED**?!?!

I know a lot of good characters got left by the side of the road. I favored recent releases, as well as books that I had read, and decided to throw in a few older/more beloved characters just for fun. If any of this upsets you, remember that this is just a thing on the Internet and probably doesn’t matter too much.

Which brings me to…voting! Every Wednesday I'll update the bracket with the winners of each YA battle. If you’d like to cast any votes for bracket winners, you can leave a comment any time before 12PM CT the Tuesday before, otherwise players will advance based on my (remember, arbitrary!) opinion. Change in rules! Battles will be held and winners revealed every weekday at 5PM CT until Friday, April 6! Vote in comments or via email.

So spread the word! Lobby for your favorite character! And may the odds be ever in their favor!

*What-whaaat basketball terminology!!
**I am killing it with this basketball lingo!

1. Harry Potter, The Harry Potter Series
2. Lyra Silvertongue, His Dark Materials Trilogy
3. Cassel Sharp, The Curse Workers Trilogy
4. Katsa, Graceling
5. Edward Cullen, The Twilight Series
6. Sean Kendrick, The Scorpio Races
7. Karou, Daughter of Smoke and Bone
8. Clary Fray, The Mortal Instruments Series

1. Alaska Young, Looking for Alaska
2. Melinda Sordino, Speak
3. Cameron Smith, Going Bovine
4. Anna, Anna and the French Kiss
5. Kristina/Bree, Crank
6. Hazel, The Fault in Our Stars
7. Stanley Yelnats, Holes
8. Cullen Witter, Where Things Come Back

1. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games Trilogy
2. Tris Prior, The Divergent Trilogy
3. Nailer Lopez, Ship Breaker
4. Tally Youngblood, The Uglies Trilogy
5. Deryn Sharp, The Leviathan Series
6. Thomas, The Maze Runner Series
7. Jonas, The Giver
8. Lucy Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia

Historical Fiction
1. Octavian Nothing, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing
2. Lina, Between Shades of Gray
3. Gemma Doyle, The Gemma Doyle Series
4. Liesel Meminger, The Book Thief
5. Há, Inside Out and Back Again
6. Catherine, Catherine Called Birdy
7. Tessa Gray, The Infernal Devices
8. Joey, War Horse



  1. 1 - Harry
    2 - Stanley
    3 - Nailer
    4 - Haven't read any of those.

  2. Edward Cullen's totally out in the first round. He may be not dead/not alive, but Katsa has the gift of survival. And she's awesome, so should win on that ground.
    As much as I love Lucy Pevensie, I'm afraid she'd lose the battle to Katniss.

    ..oh, is this a popularity contest, not actual battles? Let's do battles.

    Votes for Harry Potter and Jonas as well, and that's about all I've read.

    Also, wild card vote for Ellie from the Tomorrow when the War Began series.

  3. I agree, it ain't looking too good for Edward.

    If it helps to imagine the characters duking it out for their spots, go right ahead. Although then I worry about the contemporary characters, unless their teen angst is SO POTENT that the magical/scientifically-strengthened characters collapse under the weight of that many eye rolls and half-hearted shrugs.

    And a WILD CARD?!? Woah, I didn't even think of that! Does that happen in real basketball? I want to maintain the (illusion of) rules as much as possible.