Monday, March 5, 2012

Writing Spaces: Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air, here in Chicago. Despite being warned that Chicago winters would "blow fear into [your] bones," I've found the winter here downright tame, like going up to a rottweiler expecting to get your face bitten off and instead being smothered with kisses. It's nice!

What's also kind of nice is that the warm temperatures have tricked the little flowers into thinking it's Spring, so the sidewalks outside are loaded with little snowdrops and peeking-out daffodils. It gave me happy thoughts of sunshine, flowers, and no longer having to wear my giant fuzzy neon blue robe around the house. It also inspired today's writing space: a sweet, flower-patterned, minimalist office.

How charming is this? Like writing in a field of flowers all the time! And those lovely little touches: rotary phone, vintage photo, vase full of wildflowers. All it needs is a window smack in the middle of the wall to give it a bit of sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful for sure. And I'd have it covered in crap in no time :D