Monday, March 26, 2012

YA Bracket: Wizards and Vampires and Midshipmen Oh My!


In today's matches, two Fantasy and two Sci-Fi characters advance:

The Boy Who Lived lives to see another round as Harry Potter defeats The Mortal Instruments' Clary Fray.

Katsa, Graceling's resident badass survivalist, proves vampires are no match as she knocks down Twilight's Edward Cullen (who was probably too busy brooding or smirking to see her coming).

In Sci-Fi, Katniss Everdeen rides high on the Hunger Games love this weekend, beating Narnia's Lucy Pevensie without breaking a sweat.

And for our last match-up of the day, an upset! Super-fied Tally Youngblood of the Uglies series has been defeated by the cross-dressing aerialist with a heart of gold, Leviathan's Deryn Sharpe! I can almost hear the wee beastie perspicacious lorises (lori?) cheering.

Here's how the bracket looks after Day 1:

Tomorrow's matches: the top seeds in Contemporary and Historical will have to defend their titles* as manic pixie dream girl Alaska Young meets Holden-Caulfield-descendent Cullen Witter and traitor to the nation Octavian Nothing fends off the bites and bucks of War Horse's Joey.

Also coming at you tomorrow, Crank's manic, drug-fueled Kristina/Bree takes on sunny Anna of Anna and the French Kiss, while Liesel Meminger of Between Shades of Grey The Book Thief goes up against There and Back Again's plucky Ha.

As usual, you can vote in the comments, send me an email with your favorites, or wait and see what my cuh-razy mind comes up with. Until tomorrow!

*Book humor!

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