Wednesday, March 28, 2012

YA Character Championship Round 3: Battle of the Boys

It's Day 3 of the YA Character Championship, and things are heating up!

For some reason, without thinking, I lumped a lot of the boy characters against each other, which means two-thirds of them got knocked out in the first round. Whoops. Sorry guys! But at least they made for exciting match-ups!

In White Cat's Cassel versus Sean of The Scorpio Races, Sean's preternatural calm and magical instincts pull ahead (maybe Cassel was recovering from particularly bad blowback and/or a run-in with his crazy mother?).

Fiesty Lyra Silvertongue wins out against Daughter of Smoke and Bone's Karou, because hamsas can't do nothin' against alethiometers.

In Sci-Fi, boy-genius Thomas of The Maze Runner falls to the street-smart and brave Nailer.

And in our last battle of the day, Tris from Divergent handily defeats The Giver's Jonas.

Here's the bracket for today:

Check back tomorrow, when Hazel of The Fault in Our Stars goes up against gnome-totting, mad-cow-disease-infected Cameron from Going Bovine, and Speak's Melinda battles Stanley of Holes!

And in the Historical region, witchy lady-in-training Gemma Doyle will duke it out with the original Catherine called Birdy, and The Infernal Devices' Tessa takes on Lina of Between Shades of Grey.


  1. I love this- though I gotta disagree on the Karou vs Lyra.. lol I'm thinking Karou is getting ready to kick some serious butt in the next book!
    Great job!!

  2. Thanks, and if you have favorites, don't forget to vote!