Monday, March 26, 2012

Writing Spaces: Home, Home Again

I am back at my beloved little desk after a wonderful week traveling and seeing friends and family. We played with our little niece and nephew, went into New York to see Newsies (again. soooo good!), ate some birthday cake (I pass the mid-twenties point on Thursday!), cheered on friends in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, did a little location research for my next book, and generally ate and slept better than usual. It was great!

But I am definitely one of those people for whom walking through the front door is the best part of the trip. I couldn't wait to get back home to my tea and homemade furniture, bake some bread, and relax on the couch.

Since I featured a photo of my little desk way back in the beginnings of this blog, I thought today I would post a drawing of it, in all its cluttered, cartoony glory.

It's actually even messier than that...

Some other points this week!

My YA-character bracket is still going on, despite my radio (blog?) silence on the matter. Here's how we're going to do things: My in-house NCAA tells me the championship game will be played next Monday. I don't really want to extend the bracket beyond then, but I also don't want to wrap things up in a week, so I'm going to run the bracket until next Friday, April 6.

There are 31 match-ups (aka "games" aka "YA fights to the deeeath!!!"), and I'll reveal winners every weekday at 5PM CT. Every day will feature four match-ups until we get to the final two. The winner of Sci-Fi vs Historical will be revealed Wednesday, April 4. The winner of Fantasy vs Contemporary will be revealed Thursday, April 5. And the big winner will be showered in praise/love/something on Friday, April 6!

Sooo, what does this mean for you, dear readers? You're welcome to vote for upcoming matches in the comments section, or you can send me an email with your picks. I'll pick winners based on fan feedback and how I think characters would do in actual death matches. It'll be fun!

Also, I am not unaware of the tremble that rocked movie theaters this weekend. How many of you saw The Hunger Games? I tried to get tickets but (silly me!) thought I didn't have to pre-order them. But I did reread the book (maybe my fifth or sixth time...) and stayed up until 2AM, devouring every page, so, yeah, it's as good as I remember.

That's all! Have a great week, and come back today at 5 for the first four winners! Today, it'll be:

Wizard against half-angel! (Harry Potter vs Clary Fray )
Vampire against professional survivor! (Edward Cullen vs Katsa)
The girl on fire against the Valiant Queen (Katniss vs Lucy Pevensie)
And two Scott Westerfeld heroines! (Deryn Sharpe vs Tally Youngblood)

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